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          With 2300 more employees
          15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
          250 million US dollar for total capital
          an area of 5.48 million square foot
          Henan Province Xixia Automobile Water Pump Co., Ltd., established in 1952, with 50 years history of producing auto pumps, is a main domestic production base of auto components, and became a listed company in January 2011. Tthe leading products are automobile water pumps, engine intake & exhaust manifolds, electronic pumps, electronic switch pumps, turbine housing and oil pumps. The domestic market share of auto pumps is over 30%, ranking top 1 in China. At present, the company have more than 3800 employees, with 333.81 million RMB for registered capital, and have thousands of facilities for production, test and inspection, with leading position in domestic industry on R&D. In Oct. 1998, the company passed ISO9002 certificate, and passed ISO/TS16949, ISO14001&OHSAS18001 certificate in 2007, and also passed IATS16949 in July 2018. There are 8 subsidiaries: Zhengzhou Feilong Auto Components Co., Ltd., Nanyang Feilong Automobile Components Co., Ltd., Henan Feilong (Wuhu) Automobile Spare Parts Co., Ltd., Shanghai Feilong New Energy Auto Components Co., Ltd., Xixia Feilong Aluminum Product CO., Ltd., Xixia Xibeng Special Foundry Co., Ltd, Wuhu Feilong Auto Electronic Technology Institute Co., Ltd., Nanyang Feilong Hotel Co.
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          On October 9, 2017, balloons are hanging, colorful flags are fluttering in front of Zhongjing Hall and great excitement war in the air. Chairman of the Board Sun Yaozhi, General Manager Sun Yaozhong together with other 800 work staff gather and celebrate XibengĄ¯s 65 anniversary of Founding. Reviewing the development of Xibeng, recognizing the achievements, commending advanced worker and plucking up the courage. All should strive for spectacular goal, which means being a centurial enterprise, creating 10 billion revenues and casting a world brand. Chairman of the Board Mr. Sun Yaozhi gives a speech GM Mr. Sun Yaozhong gives a report Executive vice GM Mr. Liang Zhonghua announces commendation Awarding to meritorious staffs Awarding to excellent staffs Meritorious staff Mr. Zhao Shufeng gi.
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          Xibeng 33101 program groundbreaking ceremony is held at Xibeng machining plant on Sept. 27th. Xibeng 33101 program is to build a plant with 3 million annual capacity of turbine housing with 30 million investment, and will achieve 100 million turnover and 1 million profit. Mr. Zhang Mingti, Nanyang city deputy mayor, Mr. Sun Qipeng, Secretary of Xixia county committee, Mr. Zhou Huafeng, Xixia county magistrate, and company president Mr. Sun yaozhi attend the ceremony. Deputy mayor of Nanyang city Mr. Zhang mingti gives a speech Secretary of Xixia county committee Mr. Sun qipeng gives a speech Xixia county magistrate Mr. Zhou huafeng gives a speech Xixia county executive subprefect Mr. Ma jun introduces the program Executive vice GM Mr. Liang zhonghua introduces 33101 program Laying the foundation 33101 program.
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          Audit team from BSI visit Xixia from Sept. 11th to 15th to do ISO14001/OHSAS18001 annual audit, and Xibeng pass audit without non-conforming items successfully. Executive vice GM Mr. Liang zhonghua gives a speech Top management representative Mr. Jiaolei introduces Xibeng EHS system Audit team leader announces Xibeng pass the audit Meeting-site
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          Based on a clear understanding of customersĄ¯ specific and various demands, we a. ...
          Address: In 2017, Under the condition of less than 5% growth rate in China's a. ...
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          On October 9, 2017, balloons are hanging, colorful flags are fluttering in fron. ...
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